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Oneta Elaine Hollowell (OEH) Memorial Scholarship Fund

We are the Oneta Elaine Hollowell (OEH) Memorial Scholarship Fund, sponsored by Kids 4 Real Incorporated Child Care Center (K4R). The OEH Memorial Scholarship was created in memory of my mother who lost her battle to leiomyosarcoma cancer in February 2012.


For over 20 years, Oneta E. Hollowell worked to educate Denver’s children to become the future leaders of tomorrow as the owner and director of a child care facility. She received her Associates Degree in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Program from the Community College of Denver (CCD). Her child care center has been ranked among the top centers in the state of Colorado. Ms. Oneta touched countless amounts of lives through her work with young scholars. She loved interacting with youth and impacting the affect they would grow to have on the world. 

The OEH Memorial Scholarship Fund has successfully awarded multiple students enrolled in the ECE program at CCD with $1,000 scholarships ($500 per semester) in her memory. Our future success will be possible with a generous donation from you. We ask that you help us continue to assist many more students attain their educational goals by donating in memory of Oneta Elaine Hollowell. Involvement in this venture helps us, the students, and our future leaders. 

Your donation can be made payable to the CCD Foundation and mailed to:


Kids 4 Real Inc                                    or                      Community College of Denver                                 


1525 E. 30th Ave or                                                                 Campus Box 250

Denver, Co 80205                                                                    PO Box 173363

                                                                                                Denver, Co 80217

We thank you for your support.

Roman J. Hollowell, MA

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